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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quick Calzone

Must have ingredients:

1 Pillsbury pizza crust dough (in a can, by the biscuits)
Mozerella cheese
Pepperoni (or turkey for a heathier version)
Any type of spaghetti sauce

Other optional ingredients:

Black or green olives
Sun dried tomatoes
Minced garlic
Bell pepper
Italian sausage
Hambuger meat
or any other pizza topping that you enjoy!

-Unroll your pizza dough and cut into four squares.
-Take each square and place on your greased baking sheet. Imagine the square in two triangles. In one of those spread the dough out a little.
-Lay 6 pepperoni on that triangle area
-Put 2 regular spoonfulls of your spaghetti sauce
-Sprinkle cheese on top
-Fold the other half over and pinch it closed like you would a turnover.
-Then follow the instructions for the pizza crust on the can. I beleive it is about 12-15 min at 375 degrees.

Easy to make a kid friendly meal, but spice yours up at the same time with some extra stuff.

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