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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Caramel Popcorn...just adding to your love handles! :)

I promise this is one of the best I've ever had. It must be the sweetened condensed milk. You won't be disappointed.

Summer Gollhofer’s Popcorn
By Lauren L. Shumway

2 cups brown sugar
2 cubes butter
1 cup karo syrup
Pinch salt
2 bags popcorn, popped--no old maids

Melt together 3-5 minutes on stove stirring often. Remove from heat and add 1 can sweetened condensed milk.

For 2 people, ½ the recipe!!! (so 1 bag of popcorn)

****I did mine in the microwave, stirring occasionally until the sugar is all dissolved.


Maki said...

Hey there... Well, it's been over a week, but I just wanted to thank you so much for supporting my big day last week Wednesday. I really appreciate that you took the time to visit my blog..

Your blog is so interesting!!!!

Stay in touch:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding to my love handles! i think this will be worth the extra hours of walking & exercising that i will have to do!!!